em. o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard CHROUST, M.S

e-mail: gerhard.chroust@jku.at,  homepage: www.gerhard-chroust.at

Tel: +43 664 28 29 978


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Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU), Austria, Professor Emeritus

Silbernes Ehrenzeichen des Landes Oberösterreich
International Federation for Systems Research (IFSR),
Secretary General

International Academy of Cybernetic and Systems Studies (IASCYS), Member

Austrian Computer Society (OCG), Member of the Board

Bertalanffy Center for Study of Systems Sciences (BCSSS), Member of the Board

Austrian Standards Institute (AIS), Committee Member

Austrian Society for Informatics (ÖGI), Honorary Member

ACM, IEEE, ÖGIG, ADV, GI, Euromicro, Member


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Current Interests:  Software Process Models, Systems Theory, Human and Cultural Aspects of Systems Engineering, Disaster Research


1959-1965   Study (Techn. Univ. Vienna , Austria, Univ. of Pennsylvania, USA):  Electrical Engineering, Computer Science

1966-1991   IBM Laboratory Vienna: Research/Development : Formal Definition of  Programming Languages, PL/I, Microprogramming, Compiler Development, Software Engineering Environments (ADPS), Coordination Academic Contacts

1975   PhD., Technical University Vienna, Austria: Computer Science

1980   Habilitation, Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU), Austria

1992 -2007  Professor for Systems Engineering und Automation, JKU: Software Engineering, Process Models and  Environments, Computer Assisted Cooperative Work, System theory, Human and Cultural Aspects of Systems Engineering

since 2007    Professor emeritus: 

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